Managing Questions with Interview Playlists

With Interview Playlists you can set up your questions 1 time and use that set of questions across multiple Jobs.

Historically, each Job in your account had it's own set of questions and you couldn't do anything outside of change a Job's Questions individually. This made it challenging to set up multiple Jobs with the same Questions.

What we've done with Interview Playlists is separate the Questions from the Job, so now you have a Job, and that Job will point to an Interview Playlist, and that Interview Playlist will contain Questions. Multiple Jobs can now point to a single Interview Playlist, and changing the Questions in that Playlist will apply to all the Jobs.

How Interview Playlists Work

Managing Interview Playlists in Settings

Managing Questions for each individual Job can be a daunting task, especially when you have multiple sets of Questions you want to use. However, with the new Interview Playlists Settings feature, managing your Questions has never been easier.

The Interview Playlists feature is designed to help you manage your Interview Playlists from one central location. You can create new Playlists, manage existing ones, and assign Jobs to Playlists, all from the Settings page.

****Creating a new Playlist****

To create a New Playlist, navigate to the Settings page, click on the Interview Playlists tab on the left hand side, and click the + Add Playlist button in the top right.

When creating a new Interview Playlist, you start with a blank canvas that you can customize to your liking. You can add Questions, Intros & Outros, and change the name of the Playlist. When you're done, click the Create button and you'll have a brand new Playlist that you can assign to Jobs.

****Assigning Playlists to Jobs****

Assigning Playlists to Jobs is where things really start to heat up. On the Playlists tab in Settings, you can hover over a Playlist and click the View Jobs button. Once on that page, you'll be able to see a list of Jobs that are currently assigned to this Playlist

By clicking the Add Jobs button, you'll have the ability to assign one or several Jobs to the selected Playlist. You can also search and filter to find the Jobs you're looking for, making it easier to assign Jobs to Playlists.

Note: a Job can only have one Playlist associated with it, by assigning a Job, you are replacing the currently assigned playlist.

****Editing an existing Playlist****

To edit an existing Playlist, hover over it on the Settings page and click on the Manage Questions button. On this page, you'll see the Questions included in the selected Playlist. You can click on the orange Edit Playlist button to edit those Questions and add new ones.

After clicking Edit Playlist you should recognize the Question Management view from when you created the Playlist in the first place. You can add new Questions, Intros, and Outros, as well as change the order and settings for each Question.

Make sure to click the orange Save button on the right side of the page before exiting the page to save your progress!

****Saving a Copy****

If you'd like to create another Playlist with similar Questions and settings to the one you're currently editing, then saving a copy is a great option. Saving a copy will create a duplicate Playlist that can be edited however you'd like and then assigned to Jobs.

To save a copy of a Playlist click the down arrow on the Save button and click Save a Copy .

A note about the Default Interview Playlist

The Default Interview Playlist is the Playlist that automatically gets assigned to new Jobs when you create them from scratch. If you're somebody that has several Jobs using the same Playlist, it will really speed up your workflow to configure your Default Playlist and use that for those Jobs.

Managing Interview Playlists from the Jobs Page

Another way that you can manage a Playlist is by clicking on the Interview Playlist button on the Job Details page, this will enable you to manage the Playlist that is associated with that particular Job.

Overall, the Interview Playlists Settings feature is a valuable addition to Wedge that can help you manage your interview playlists efficiently and effectively. With its user-friendly interface and helpful features, you can streamline your interview process and ensure that your hiring process runs smoothly.

Get Started Now

Now that you have a better understanding of the new Interview Playlists feature, you're ready to try it out. Log in to your account and get started today!

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