Wedge Extension

📝 Note: Our team is always on the lookout for additional ATS platforms to support with the Wedge Extension. If your ATS isn't supported, please don't hesitate to reach out! It usually only takes a few days get added.

📝 Note: At this time, the Wedge Extension is only supported in the Chrome web browser. We are exploring support of other browsers.


Installing the Extension

Installation is a breeze! The install button is located inside Wedge, and can be found here:

Linking your Wedge account

After installing the Wedge Extension, open it up and click Connect. This will take you to Wedge and show a confirmation message that your extension was setup properly.

If you don't see the message in the image below, or you get an error, please contact us using the help widget or emailing

Congrats, you've successfully set up the Chrome Extension!

Using the Chrome Extension in ADP

Locating Wedge in your ATS

Once you're all connected, you can log into your ATS and navigate to a candidate's profile that you'd like to invite to an interview. Once there, you'll see that a new Wedge section has appeared on the right-hand side of the page. This section is where you can invite candidates to record interviews as well as view their interviews.

The Wedge Section

The Wedge Section that gets created is very straightforward, if candidates have been invited to record, or have completed a Wedge Interview, that information will show up here.

Inviting a Candidate to Record a Wedge Interview

To invite a candidate to record a Wedge Interview, simply click the Send Invite button and select which Interview you'd like them to complete. If you haven't set up your Interviews yet in Wedge, here's a short article with more information on that!

Once you've sent an invite to a candidate that will show, along with the date in this section. If you'd like to send the candidate a reminder to record, you can do that here as well, but before you do, you should know that candidates get sent a reminder once every 24 hours for 7 days after they've been invited.

Viewing a Wedge

You can view a Wedge with one click! Just click the View Wedge button and you will be directed right to the candidate's interview.

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