How to Record a Wedge

Congratulations! You've applied for the job and now your prospective employer has asked you to record a Wedge Video Interview. If this is new to you, that's OK, we have resources to help you every step of the way. You can start by following the steps below to record your Wedge Interview.

Locate Your Invite

  1. Open your email.
  2. Find your email invite.
  3. Read the instructions in the email.
  4. Click the Get Started button or the link included in the email.


  1. Read ALL instructions to understand the details of your video interview.
  2. Enter your name when prompted.
  3. Make sure to select Allow when your browser asks for permission to use your camera and microphone.
  4. After you've selected allow and you see your camera feed on the page, click Test Connection.
  5. If your connection and hardware are working properly you will be able to proceed, if they are not, check out this article for help setting up your camera and microphone.

Record Your Wedge

  1. Once your hardware and connection test is passed, you'll be able to practice your interview.
  2. Click the Practice button and proceed through your practice interview.
  3. After you've finished your practice interview, you will be able to proceed to the actual interview which will function just like the practice!

If you have questions about this process that aren't answered in this article, check out our Recording FAQ!

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