Practice Interview FAQ

What is a practice interview?

The practice interview section of a Wedge Video Interview is just what it sounds like, an opportunity to practice recording to make sure you are prepared for the interview process. Practicing also gives you a chance to make sure everything works okay with your camera and microphone.

Why do I need to do a practice interview?

A practice interview is required every time you record. The first time you practice, you get a chance to get used to the video interview process without anything being sent to your prospective employer. Any further practice interviews are useful to make sure your hardware is turned on and working before starting the live recording.

How many practice questions do I get?

You can use as many practice questions as you'd like. After each question, you will have the chance to move forward to the interview or do another practice question.

What happens if I leave the page while practicing?

If you leave the page while practice, that is OK! The next time you click on your invite link, you will be shown your interview details and then have another chance to practice before recording.

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