Recording a Wedge Interview FAQ

What happens if I leave the interview before I am done?

Wedge automatically saves interview progress, so if you need to leave while your interview is in progress, that is OK, when you come back you won't have to record all of your answers again. If you do choose to leave your interview and pick it up later, do not leave during a live recording. If you do, your progress will not be saved.

Where does my Wedge Video Interview go when I am done recording?

When you are done recording, your interview is loaded into your prospective employer's Wedge account so that they can view it. Your interview will not be accessible by anybody other than the company that invited you to interview.

How can I view my interview after I am done?

If you'd like to view your interview results, chat with one of our support team members using the widget in the bottom left of the page and ask them to send your interview your way!

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