Interview Details

When you select an Interview on the Interviews page, you are sent to the Interview Details page. The Interview Details section is where you can derive a majority of statistics and information about your Interview.

Wedges Table

The main feature of this page is your Wedges table, this is where you can see all of the Wedges that have come in for this Interview.

Viewing Status

The Viewing Status of a Wedge now functions just like an email inbox, where the Wedge is marked viewed as soon as you click on it to navigate to the Wedge Viewer page where you can watch the Wedge. The Viewing Status is denoted on this table by the background of the row and the weight of the font.

Viewing Status is on a per-user basis and is not shared with the rest of your team. So, if a Wedge is viewed for you, it may not be marked as viewed for one of your team members.

💡 Unviewed Wedges are shown with bold text and a white row background, whereas viewed Wedges are shown with normal text and a grey background.

Rating Column

The Rating column is where you are shown the collective average rating for the Wedge. Each user on your team has the ability to review a Wedge and give it a rating, the average of all ratings given is aggregated and shown in this column

Status Column

The Status column helps you move candidates through your flow. You can click on the Wedge status to change it. Wedge statuses are shared across all users on your account, which means that if you update a Wedge status, the rest of your team will see that update as well.

Modules Column

The Modules column shows whether the candidate has completed an Application, a Video Interview, or both for this Interview.

💡 Note: If you've only asked a candidate to complete a Video Interview for this Interview, only Video Interview will show up in the Modules Column.

Completed Column

The completed column shows the date that the candidate completed this Wedge.

Interview Info

The Interview Info section of the sidebar shows info relevant to this Interview. Some things you may see in this section are Interview Status, Team, and Location.

Interview Stats

The Interview stats that are displayed in the left section of the page are your highest-value stats. We don't want to bog you down with endless statistics that don't really mean anything to you, so we only provide the most actionable statistics: Candidates Invited, Wedges Completed, and Completion Rate.

Interview Settings

On this page, you can use the Interview Settings button to edit your Interview. These settings can be edited by clicking on the Edit Interview button. To learn more about these settings as well as other things you can customize on a interview-by-interview basis, check out our Interview Settings Article!


The Interview Details page is your key to navigating elsewhere in Wedge. From here, you can go directly to managing questions, view Wedges, and send invites.

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