Managing Interview Notifications

It can be overwhelming to get email notifications every time a candidate records a Wedge for all of your interviews. Luckily, you can manage these notifications so that you only get notified about the Interviews and candidates you follow the closest.

What happens when you turn off notifications?

When you turn off notifications for an Interview, you will no longer get emails when a candidate completes a Wedge for this Interview.

Managing notifications on the Interview Detail page

To manage the notifications for a Interview, navigate to that Interview's detail page. Once there, you'll see an orange bell icon at the top, right next to the Interview name, click that icon to toggle your notification preferences for this Interview. When you click the bell icon, it will change, confirming that you've changed your notification preference for this Interview.

Notification status

Orange bell - Notifications are turned on.

Slashed grey bell - Notifications are turned off.

Managing notifications in Settings

The other way you can manage your Interview notifications is on the Settings page. When you navigate to the Settings page, you will see a Notifications tab on the left-hand side. When you click that tab, you will be shown a list of Interviews that you are receiving notifications for, to unsubscribe, simply toggle the switch next to the Interview name on the page.

Automatically Follow New Interviews

The Automatically Follow New Interviews setting allows you to toggle on or off whether you would like to get notifications for new Interviews that are created.

💡 Example: If somebody on your team creates a new Front End Engineer Interview, and you have Automatically Follow New Interviews turned OFF, you will not get notifications for that new Interview.

Managing Interview notifications in Settings is a great way to turn off notifications for several Interviews all at once.

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