Public Job Link

Public Job Link

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The Public Job Link is a link that you can send out to candidates in case you want to send a more customized email or put in a job description if you want every applicant to complete a Wedge Video Interview without having to invite all of them. You can find the link in your Job Settings Drawer. Once you have it, simply copy the link and paste it where you need it!

You can edit the link so that it resembles your position and company names, otherwise, it starts (and works) with a random string of characters. Below the Public Job Link input field, you will see the whole link and how it will look to candidates when you send it to them.

You can turn the Public Job Link off by toggling the Public Job Link switch (pictured above), if you do this, anybody that clicks your link will no longer be taken to record a Wedge and will instead be notified that the position has been closed.

Multiple Invites

Multiple Invites is a setting that, if turned on, sets a frequency at which your candidates can re-record their Wedge Interview using the same link. This is great for companies that use the same Public Job Link over multiple different Job Listings that they have open in their ATS, or that have a long-standing open position that they hire for and are using the Public Job Link for it.

When you turn Multiple Invites on, you'll instantly see the Invite Frequency drop-down appear below, there you can select how frequent you'd like your candidates to be able to re-record. To keep things simple, there aren't many frequency options, if you don't see what you need, reach out to the Support team and they will be able to accommodate.

The default setting on Multiple Invites is off, which means that candidates will not be able to record multiple times using the same Public Job Link.

Tips & Tricks

Using the Public Job Link is a way to invite candidates without having to go through the process of sending an email invite. You can even automate this if you use an ATS that doesn't have a Wedge integration by putting it into your hiring email sequence.

If you get better engagement with your candidates by sending them SMS messages, you can put this link into a text to ensure that candidates get it on their preferred device.

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