Manage Questions

How to select and organize your questions

The Manage Questions page is where you will do just that, manage your interview questions. There are 5 main question categories: Coach-ability, Motivation, Problem-Solving, Emotional Intelligence, and Custom. Each category (other than Custom) has 20-30 questions. For each of these questions, we recorded an actor asking the question and that is what is presented to the candidate when they record their interview.

Custom Questions

To create a custom question click Add Question, enter your question text, and click Create. It's that simple! All you have to do to make it a live question is expand the Custom section and click on your newly created question.

Organizing Questions

Once a question is selected, it gets moved over to the right-hand side of the screen and put on an individual question tile. The order that the question tiles appear is the order they will be asked to the candidate. If you'd like to change the order of the questions, just move it up or down with the orange arrows on the question tile. If you'd like to remove a question from the lineup, simply click Remove on the individual question tile.

Adjusting Response Duration

If you'd like to change the amount of time candidates have to respond to a question, find the Duration drop down menu on your question and pick your desired response time. This is the maximum amount of time a candidate has respond to this question. Remember, the duration is listed in seconds!

Saving Your Questions

Whenever you make an action on this page, it is saved. You never have to worry about losing what you've done or forgetting to click save.

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