If you're a larger team that is hiring for multiple different companies, teams, or locations, our Brands feature will come in handy for you!

What is a Brand? A Brand is something that you can setup in Wedge that will allow you to utilize multiple different brands (name & logo) across all of your Interviews inside of one Wedge account.

💡 For example: I have a Wedge account called Examplary Inc., that does all the hiring for two of its subsidiary locations, the two subsidiaries are called Grand Rapids Inc. and Indianapolis Inc. Instead of using Examplary's logo in the hiring process, I can add Grand Rapids Inc. and Indianapolis Inc. to my Wedge account as Brands and then use their branding in my hiring processes for these two different subsidiaries.

How to use Brands

To start using Brands, go to the Settings page and click on the Brands tab, only Owners and Admins will have access to this, so if you don't see Brands, please talk to your account Owner to upgrade your access.

On the Brands tab, you can click the + Add Brand button, in the top right, to add a new Brand Name and Logo. Once you save the new Brand, it will show up on the main Brands page and you will be able to assign it to an Interview.

Assigning a Brand to an Interview

To assign a Brand to an Interview, go to the Interviews page, where you will be able to see the current Brand assignment for each Interview. When you have Brands enabled on your account, all Interviews will start out with your default Brand assigned.

To assign a Brand, click on the Interview you'd like to assign to and then click on the Interview Settings button on the left side of the Interview Detail page. In the Interview Settings drawer, you will see a Brand select box that you can click on and select the Brand you'd like to assign.

Make sure to click Save after selecting the Brand and you should see it show up in the Info section of the Interview Detail page.

What does this change for Candidates?

Great question! Candidates will now see the assigned Brand name and logo on Interview Invites and throughout the Interview process. Below you can see images of both the Invite and Interview process with the assigned Brand name and logo.

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