Adding Team Members

Build your Team in Wedge

As an organization with Wedge, you can invite your team members to collaborate on your video interviews. When you invite a team member they will immediately have access to your Jobs and Candidates. Members have access to everything that the account owner does, including completed Wedge notifications, except Team Member Management and Integration Token generation.

Managing Members

To invite a team member, follow the steps below:

  • Login to Wedge.
  • Click the Settings tab on the navbar at the top of the page.
  • Click on the Members Tab.
  • Click on the Add Member button
  • Fill in the team member's information and select their Role.

Once added, your team member will get an email from Wedge to set up their account.

Account Roles

There are 4 different Roles that are available for you and your team:

  • Owner - Owners have access to everything, all Jobs, Candidates, and Settings. There can only be 1 Owner on an account.
  • Admin - Admins have access to everything that the Owner does, however they cannot change the Owner on the account. There can be multiple Admins.
  • Member - Members have access to all Jobs and Candidates, but they don't have access to Account Settings. There can be multiple Members.
  • Collaborator - Collaborators only have access to Jobs that they've been assigned to and they have no Account Settings access. There can be multiple Collaborators.
Owner Transfer account ownership Toggle "Allow Wedge Removal" Toggle "Allow SMS Invites" Manage billing info and settings.
Admin Manage Company settings Manage Members Assign Collaborators to Jobs Add new Job Property categories Setup integrations.
Member Create and manage Jobs Send Invites.

Send Invites* View Wedges*

*Only for Jobs that they are assigned to.

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