Setting up and using the Wedge - Lever Integration

How to set up your Lever Integration

Configure Webhooks inside of Lever

  • Hover over your profile image in the top right corner of the page and click Settings.
  • On the left-hand side of the page select Integrations and API.
  • On the top of the page, click on the Webhooks tab.
  • Make sure all switches on the Webhook configuration page are turned on.

Connect Lever

Starting out with the Wedge-Lever Integration

After you've connected the integration, you will be able to click on the Lever row of the Integrations table which will bring up a drawer with two options, Configure and Resync (more on Resync later). Click on Configure to begin creating triggers and harnessing the power of these two tools together.

Configuring the Integration

The integration utilizes triggers, which are set up inside of Wedge and communicate with your Lever ATS. When you add a trigger you are defining which candidates you'd like to invite to record a Wedge Interview.

Select the Lever Stage and Wedge Interview you'd like to use

After clicking Configure on the Integrations page select which Lever Stage and Wedge Interview you'd like to use by clicking on the drop-downs and selecting. The drop-down under "When Candidate Reaches:" is a selection of Stages that you have setup in Lever, and the drop-down under "Send Invite For:" is a selection of Interviews that have been setup in Wedge.

Add filters for increased control

Add filters by clicking on the orange plus and selecting which type you'd like to use. You can use as many filters as you need, below are the different types you can filter by:

  • Team: Select a specific team you'd like Wedge invites to be sent for.
  • Location: Select a specific job location you'd like Wedge invites to be sent for.
  • Department: Select a specific department you'd like Wedge invites to be sent for.
  • Posting: Select an individual Posting that you'd like Wedge invites to be sent for.

That’s it! Now every time a candidate gets moved into your selected stage for any of your jobs they will receive a Wedge invite!

Troubleshooting the Integration

If you aren't seeing what you expect to see in any of the drop-downs (Stages, Type, Department, Location, Team, Commitment, Posting), open up the drawer from the Integrations tab in Settings and click the Resync button. After clicking that button once, click Configure and check if the correct information is showing up when you setup your triggers.

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