Improving your Completion Rate - Best Practices

Not getting as many candidates to record a Wedge Interview as you had hoped? Here are our best practices for increasing completion rate.

Customize the Invite Email

Customize the invite email that is going out to candidates. We suggest using clear and concise language to explain to your candidates that they are moving onto the next step in your hiring process and that that next step is a one-way video interview.

Suggested Email Template -


Next Steps in Company X Interview Process


Congratulations from __________!

Hi ___,

Thank you for your interest in _____, we are pleased to let you know you have been chosen to complete the next stage of the process.

In this stage, you will complete a one-way video interview where you will learn more about the role and organization while answering a few relevant questions. Click the link at the bottom of the email to begin.

You should be able to complete the interview in 15 minutes or less and you will have time to prep as well as a practice question. You can leverage mobile, tablet, and/or computer to complete.

To begin, click the link at the bottom of the email.

Good Luck!

Keep the Interview Short

We recommend using 3-5 interview questions and keeping the response duration to around 1 min. This ensures minimal candidate drop-off once they get into the interview, if one-way interviews drag out too long candidates can lose interest.

Add Company Branding

Adding your company's logo to your account so that it shows up in the Candidate Recording Experience creates a cohesive experience for your candidates from application through interview. More info on how to do that here.


Add Custom Videos to the Interview

We believe that anytime you ask your candidates to put themselves on video, you should put yourself on video as well. The best way to do this is to record custom videos for your interview process.

Record an intro and outro to put the candidate's mind at ease by telling them what to expect in the interview and pique their interest in your company culture by discussing it. Here's a help article that walks you through uploading intro and outro videos.

Adding Custom Question videos is vital to keeping the consistency of the interview, which you establish at the first interaction with the candidate through the email and branding, throughout.

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