Getting Started with Wedge and McHire

🎥 If you'd like to follow along with a video rather than this article, you can play the video above!

Welcome to Wedge! We’re excited to get you started! Before we begin, we wanted to give you two options for setting up your Wedge Chrome Extension. If you’d like a written out walkthrough, with screenshots for each step, feel free to proceed below. However, if you’d prefer following along with a video demonstration - you can watch the following videos.

Before moving forward, it is important to note that you must be utilizing Google Chrome prior to setting anything up. If you do not have Google Chrome, please download it HERE before moving forward.

Wedge x McHire Partnership

Our partnership with McHire brings significant benefits to store managers. This guide helps you set up the Wedge Chrome Extension and utilize it within the McHire ATS platform. Wedge helps you streamline your hiring processes by screening candidates through asynchronous video interviewing. You can manage all of your hiring needs in one place through the Wedge Chrome Extension with McHire.

If you need any further support please don’t hesitate to contact our success team for assistance at

Onboarding with the Chrome Extension

Before getting started, you should have received an onboarding email to finalize your Wedge account. Upon clicking the link in the email, you will be directed to the page below where you’ll be asked to set a password, as well as choose which notifications you want to receive.

After you set you password you will be presented with a ‘Get Connected’ screen. Simply click the orange ‘Install Wedge Extension’ button.

From there you will be guided to the Wedge Chrome Extension in the chrome web store. Click the Blue button ‘Add to Chrome.’

When the confirmation dialog appears click ‘Add Extension.’

Another pop-up will appear by the puzzle piece icon in the upper right hand corner notifying you that your Wedge Chrome Extension was successfully installed in your browser.

Return to your WedgeHR Browser tab and it will show you a message about the Wedge Chrome Extension being properly connected (hopefully with some fun confetti for you to enjoy). Click the orange button that says ‘Continue’ which will take you to your newly connected Wedge Account.

And that’s that! Welcome to your Wedge Account! If applicable, you can add your first Interviews here.

Wedge and McHire

🎥 If you'd like to follow along with a video rather than this article, you can play the video above!

Now it’s time to dive into the McHire side of things. First things first - head to the McHire site and log in.

After logging in, you should notice a ‘Wedge Interview’ section inside the candidate’s ‘About’ area. If this is not showing up, double check you did the above onboarding process correctly. When first setting up your Wedge Chrome Extension, this area should be blank besides the blue ‘Send Invite’ button.

Clicking ‘Send Invite’ will let you pick from a list of available Wedge Interviews. These interviews correspond to the interviews you’ve setup inside of Wedge.

When you select a Wedge Interview to send an invite for, a link will be pasted into the conversation window to the left of the About section for that candidate. The ‘Wedge Interviews’ block should also update to list the interview that is about to be sent out, showing an option to send a reminder.

Hitting the send icon on the chat window will officially push the link to the candidate, and they can start that interview.

Once the candidate has completed their Wedge Interview, the button in the “Wedge Interviews” block should change to a blue “View Wedge” button.

When you click to view, a new tab will open with the candidates Wedge Interview. Here you can watch the interview, leave comments, rate the interview, and share the Wedge Interview. When clicking the “Share” button the URL for the public link will be copied to your clipboard and then you can send it out via email or text or anyway you like.

And that’s it! You’re all setup with Wedge, and the Wedge Chrome Extension for your McHire ATS workflow.

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