When a candidate finishes a Wedge Interview, all accounts in your organization should receive an email notification. If one or all of your Wedge accounts aren't receiving email notifications when candidates complete Wedge Interviews, try the following steps below:

Whitelist Wedge Domains on your Email Server or Spam Filter

In most cases, if you aren't receiving email from Wedge it's because something is blocking email from Wedge Domains. To fix this, make sure your email server and/or spam filter are allowing emails from the following domains:

  • e.competitivewedge.com

  • competitivewedge.com

  • e.wedgehr.com

  • wedgehr.com

If you are still having issues receiving emails from Wedge, use the widget in the bottom left corner to chat with a Support Team member or email support@wedgehr.com.

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