A great way to customize the Wedge interview flow for candidates is by adding your own custom questions, read on for steps on how to upload your own!

A note on custom uploads: uploading custom questions is not Job-specific, so once questions are uploaded they will be available for all Jobs.

Recording your own custom questions

There are several ways you can record a custom question video, including, but not limited to, a mobile device, webcam, and professional recording equipment. All are great options, just make sure you are in a quiet, well-lit area without any distractions in the background.

Uploading your video as a custom question

After recording your video, you are ready to upload it to your question library. Note: video files must be either .mp4 or .mov, in order to be uploaded.

To begin your upload navigate to the Questions page by clicking on any Job and then clicking the Questions button. Once on the Questions page, click the "Add Custom" button on the right side of the page.

In the bottom right corner of the custom question drawer, click the "Upload Custom Video" button and you will be taken to the custom video upload page.

Once on the custom upload page, you can upload one or multiple videos by dragging them into the grey upload box or selecting them from your files. Once you've selected your videos, it's time to type the question text. For accessibility reasons, it is very important that the question text match the question you ask in the video exactly. This question text will be shown verbatim to candidates in the recording process, in the case that they can't hear the video, this is the only way they will know the question.

On the video upload page, you can choose if you want the video to be a Question, Intro, or Outro. Learn more about Intros and Outros here.

Once your Questions are selected and you have the proper question text entered, you can click Create and you will be taken back to the question page. Once the videos are ready to be put into your interview, they will appear in the Custom tab on the left side of the page.

Internal Title

When creating custom questions, you'll see the option to add an Internal Title. It's not necessary to create a question, but if added, you will see the internal title when you hover over the Question, see image below.

This can be really helpful if you are adding multiple of the same questions but want to be able to use them for different Jobs.

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