After going through the whole process of setting up a Job, it makes sense that you would want to duplicate that Job's settings and questions to set up another instead of creating a new one totally from scratch.

How to Duplicate a Job

All you have to do to duplicate a Job is navigate to the settings drawer for the Job you'd like to duplicate. From there you'll be able to click the duplicate button (pictured above).

When you click duplicate, a new drawer will open with a few settings that you can change so that you can tell the copied Job apart from the original. After editing those settings, click create and you'll have a new Job at the top of your Jobs page.

One thing to note: the newly duplicated Job will start off inactive, so you'll need to go into Job Settings and turn it on before sending out any invites.

What all gets Duplicated?

When you duplicate a Job, all Job Settings and associated Questions are copied to the new Job, but no Wedges nor Invites are copied over.

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