Job Settings

Editing a Job

Once you've selected a job, you can click on the Job Settings button to see additional options for editing your job.

Archive a Job

If you'd like to archive a job, click the Edit Job button and then click Delete at the bottom of the page.

Job Status

Toggling the Job Status switch allows you to disable a position without deleting it and its applicants entirely. If a given Job is disabled, applicants will no longer be able to record Wedge Videos for that Job.

Share Link

The Share Link allows you to send Wedge Video Interviews to co-workers that do not have a Wedge account, if you'd like to be able to do this, you'll need to make sure the Public Share Link switch is turned on.


Turning retakes on allows candidates to have unlimited chances to record each question. If you want to see how this feature will work for your candidates, try using the record as a candidate button!

Public Job Link

The Public Job Link is a link that you can send out to candidates in case you want to send a more customized email or put in a job description if you want every applicant to complete a Wedge Video Interview without having to invite all of them. Simply copy the link and paste it where you need it!


When you edit any job settings on this page, make sure you click the Save in the bottom right-hand corner!

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