Inviting Candidates

To invite a candidate to complete a video interview, click the Invite button in the top right corner of the page, input the candidate's email address, and click OK. You will get a popup notification that the invite has been sent.

On the Interview Details page, you can initiate and keep track of any Wedge invitations you've sent out for a given Interview.

The Invitations table lists all of your invites in a clear and concise way.

Invitations Table

The Invitations Table is the main focus of this page and it shows you all available candidate data.


The Name section shows the first and last name of the candidates you've invited. The candidate's name will only show up once they've created an account and inputted that information.


The Email section shows the email address of the candidates you've invited. The candidate's email will always show up because for an invite to be sent, you must enter a candidate's email.


The Source section shows where the invite was initiated from.


The Status section shows the status of the invite. There are 3 statuses: Created, Sent, and Completed.

Created — An invite and account were created for the candidate.

Sent — An email invite was sent to the candidate, but they have not created a Wedge account.

Completed — The candidate has finished their Wedge and you should see it on the Candidate Wedges page.

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