Intros and Outros

💡 A note on Intros & Outros: Unlike custom questions, there is no way to create a text-only Intro or Outro, only video Intros/Outros are supported.

If you've been looking for deeper customization options for your Wedge interviews, look no further than Intros and Outros.

You can add an Intro to the beginning and an Outro to the end of your Wedge interviews to give candidates a more personalized interview experience.

Adding an Intro or Outro is simple, all you need to do is follow the same steps that you would for a custom question video but make sure you are on the Intro or Outro tab on the Questions page, see below.

Once uploaded, you can insert your Intro/Outro into a given interview just like you would a question. You can add one Intro and one Outro per Interview.

Your Intro will be the very first thing candidates see after they click their email invite link. Candidates are required to watch your Intro before proceeding with the interview process.

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