SMS Invites

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SMS Invites function just like regular email invitations, but rather than sending an email invite to a candidate, candidates receive an SMS text message that includes their invite link.

Setting things up

To turn SMS Invites on, go to your Company Settings page and enable the Allow SMS Invites switch. Make sure to save your changes!

Sending an Invite

SMS invites are sent in the same way that email invitations are, by clicking on the Invite button on the Interview Details page.

Once you open the Invite drawer, you'll see a new Phone field where you can enter the candidate's phone number, then click send and the candidate will receive the text message below.


  1. Do I need a candidate's phone number to invite them?
    1. No, you can invite candidates with just an email address, just a phone number, or both.
  2. What happens if I enter both a candidate's email and phone number into the invite fields?
    1. That candidate will get both an email and an SMS invite.
  3. Can you customize SMS invites?
    1. At this time, there is no way to customize SMS invite verbiage.
  4. Do candidates receive Reminders to record via SMS text?
    1. Yes, candidates receive one (1) reminder 24 hours after the initial invite is sent.
  5. What happens if a candidate responds to an SMS invite?
    1. It is an automated message, so there's nobody on the other side of the message. If a candidate responds to the text, that will be communicated to them.
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