Job Properties

Job Properties

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On your Job Detail page, you can create and assign a Team and Location for each of your Jobs. Once you do, the properties will show up in the Info section of the left hand information sidebar.

Creating and Assigning Properties

To create and assign Job Properties, click the Job Settings button to open your settings sidebar. Immediately below the Job Name field, you'll see both the Job Team and Job Location options. Click the Select dropdown and type a team or location name, then click Create. Once created, your property will be automatically assigned and you will see it with an orange x next to it. If it looks good, don't forget to click save in the bottom right corner of the sidebar!

Filtering by Properties

Once you've set up and assigned properties, you'll see them displayed on the Jobs page under each Job title. You can filter by either Team or Location by typing it into the search bar, as you type, you will see Jobs filter out.

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